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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is that iAmSapien, no, that Humanity will speak with reason. These rational statements will be linked together and then continuously improved on. Humanity will decide what's best for our planet.

How will wisdom prevail? The intelligence it takes to make society work, will it come from elitist, from oligarchs, from industry, from politics, from the financial sector, from moms, educators, scientists, or from all of us? And, in the final assessment, might we discover that the them... is us... is you? Will you prevail?

iAmSapien provides a space for you to be creative. Your creativity is multiplied and shared. Intelligent sharing is the process that evolves life through genetics, language, engineering, and the arts. Now iAmSapien uses this same process... to evolve life through you.


We love… open minds.

We believe… in common sense and you who use it.

We created… an empowering website where positive people share wisely.

We take a stand… that people will use reason to live a reasonable life.

We bring… empowerment to youth, because youth are the new world.

We value… you, because you define life with passion.

We say… life can be astounding.

We intend… immense excitement propagating wildly in and around everyone... being wise.

We know… some are activated now, and the rest are called to awaken because of you.

We are… crowdsourcing the planet for awakened ideas and smart humans, "the sapiens".

Robert Swanson