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It's You...

We understand you want to live in a really great world. You have an important step in mind for making our planet great. So, here's our suggestion for making your idea a happening.

First, regard what you are doing as a process. If this process grabs your interest, then you will be happy to work on it whenever you have the time. So choose something interesting. Then consider what part of this issue you may be good at answering. Take a guess, because your real genius may be an untapped resource.

If you have already compiled information, you may want to jump right to the Lounge to publish portions of this information to prompt responses. You can respond to comments by improving your work before publishing on the Global Matrix.

If you have a really great idea or interest, but need content, then begin with this process. Choose a wall or window and stick up various colors of sticky notes. Note your core issue as one color. Under this note, put more notes saying the origin or fundamentals where this issue comes from. Above the note, say where you would like the issue to be in the future. To the side, use different colors for the positives and the negatives that will support or deter your efforts.